then I heard nothing but the roaring sea
  1. thegang:

    La Loba Loca Coxina is a series of untamed & un-rated short films that interweaves food, family, culture and story telling. In this episode Lea cooks some vegetarian gumbo, accompanied with some sweet potatoes and ensalada a la chilena made by La Loba Loca.

    I like this series because through food it shows how one can keep the traditions of family and ancestors going, while still leaving room to adapt to new beliefs, traditions and ways of being.  

    La Loba Loca (aka Ana.Bel), is a Sudaca born in Peru and raised in Maipu, Santiago de Chile. La Loba Loca believes creates “improvised, reusabled art” with most of the materials being found or recycled. She is also a traditional tattooist, photo-documentarist, coxinera-cochinera-cocinera and is beginning to do documentary/film work.

    Peep more work on her site, HERE. And check episode one, HERE

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    got my video in the GANG IS ALL QUEER. Spreading some colorful queer love out to the interwebs. Third episode coming...
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